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All of the escorts on your desktop with our always awesome App
RentMen's App is the fastest and secure way to hire escorts. Independent from all RentMen websites our app is the better way to browse escorts without the need to use a internet browsers like safari. This makes the browsing experience faster and much safer.
The benefits of using the App are:
- one touch away, on your desktop

- built for performance

- always online, independent of the web site

- the full functionality of RentMen

- secure and fully encrypted

- completely free
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About Featured Ads

home page featured ads
About Featured Ads
The Featured Ads on the RentMen Home page are not hand picked by anyone on our team. They are randomly rotating Gold Escorts.
In case there are too many Gold Escorts for a location, the system will randomly select ads that will be included and rotate them, causing a delay until you see your profile included in the list.
Please note that we can't make your Ad appear there manually. It is a randomly generated list.
featured rentmen ads
About RentMen Featured Ads
We at RentMen do not hand pick the ads that are listed as featured. The selection is made automatically by our system.